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Prophet Kofi Danso is most notable for his unique gift of prophecy. In fact, his healing ministry as well as apostolic leadership is well respected within his religious community. As the founder and general overseer of Miracle Arena for All Nations, he oversees a multitude of projects on a regular basis. Since the genesis of Miracle Arena in 2011, the church has successfully expanded to 18 branches internationally. God personally chose Prophet Kofi Danso to the office as a Prophet and Apostle. He is destined to deliver the kingdom message to the nations. Most importantly, Prophet Kofi Danso’s mission in life is to raise champions and leaders in the 21st century church.

Who is Prophet Kofi Danso?

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Prophet Martin Kofi Danso travels all over the world as part of his mission to change the world for the better. He tries his absolute best to impact and empower millions of lives. Through his powerful teachings, he is able to reach millions of people over the last 20 years. In fact, he ministered the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helped millions of lives internationally, leading them to the knowledge of the saving grace of God himself.

Numerous television networks s all over the world broadcasts his teachings. In fact, his programs and events have been featured on Word Network, Yes TV, Vision TV, and many other social media platforms. With the help of modern digital technology and the power of social media, Prophet Danso is able to spread the Gospel message.

Prophet Kofi Danso’s prophetic gift is well known in Toronto, Canada. He not only uses this gift to help heal others, but also raise people from the dead. In fact, he often says “I see, I look, and I watch, in the relam of the spirit”. God opens his eyes to see things in the spiritual realm and Prophet Kofi Danso is empowered with the might of God.

Prophet Kofi Danso Ministries

Widely known for his unique prophetic sight, Prophet Danso uses his healing and preaching powers to run his ministry. He engages with the community and actively participates on social media to reach out to supporters. Over the past 2 decades, Prophet Danso has published over 15 books on faith, religion, and spirituality. Most notably, he published A Church as a Clinic, The Spirit of Jezebel, Kingdom Keys, and many others.

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His ministry holds many events on a regular basis. These events allow Prophet Kofi Danso to connect with his supporters. In addition, these events allow the Prophet to heal those around him and show people the power of God. Extremely passionate about his calling, his passion drives him to motivate and train others. With this initiative, he hopes to extend the gift and anointing upon his life. Furthermore, it has become his personal mission to equip and impart God-seekers with spiritual keys.

As a devoted husband and loving father, Prophet Kofi Danso married Reverend JoAnne Danso. Together, they have four beautiful daughters, Destiny, Arielle, Arianna, and Abigail. Furthermore, along with his loving wife, they dedicates their humble lives to the ministry and to helping others in the community.

Personal Website

On his personal website, Prophet Kofi Danso wishes to inspire others. He hopes to inspires others to reignite their forgotten connection to faith and religion. He also wishes to act as a pillar of inspiration for those around him. With the goal of healing and helping others, Prophet wishes to use this personal website as a platform for supporters to follow him. In addition, on this personal website, Martin Kofi Danso wishes to humbly showcase his prior achievements.