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Throughout his years of teaching, healing, and preaching, Prophet Martin Kofi Danso has appeared numerous times in the media.

Exclusive Interviews

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As a well known religious individual, Prophet Martin Kofi Danso appeared on both Inspirery and Ideamensch. On these digital interviewing platforms, entrepreneurs, business owners, doctors, lawyers, and various successful individuals get a chance to discuss how they achieved success. More specifically, these individuals talk about the education they received and the effects that academia has on these individuals. In addition, entrepreneurs and business owners often discuss how they came up with their business idea. They go in-depth about what they do on a daily basis to stay productive and maximize efficiency.

For Prophet Martin Kofi Danso, he talks about the impact that religion has on him. He discusses how he re-connected with faith and spirituality as  well as how the world has steered away from religion. He also briefly touches on his ministry and his goal in life: to help heal as many suffering individuals as he can.

Feature Articles

In recent months, Prophet Martin Kofi Danso has also guest starred in a few feature articles. Most notably, he gave his opinion on religion and spirituality on major publications such as Patch, Prague Post, Techbullion, Blog Process, and Sweet Startups. On Prague Post, Prophet Danso discusses the power of religion and going to church, as well as how it can significantly a person’s mental well-being. Similarly, on Blog Process, he emphasizes the effects of praying and meditation on a person’s mental health. He cites many benefits of praying and meditation and urges the public to try them both. On Sweet Startups, he explains how he started his ministry. He also gave some tips and pointers on how others can achieve the same. Last but not least, on Patch, Prophet Kofi Danso explores the concept of giving back to the community.

Prophet Martin Kofi Danso as Seen in the Media


Prophet Kofi Danso’s Tips on Adapting Your Business to New Cultures

3 minute read Experiencing the diversity offered by different cultures is one of the most important selling points for traveling. Besides showcasing many displays of contrasting perspectives, it teaches one how to empathize and relate to those with very little in common.

Prophet Kofi Danso on the Benefits of Going to Church | Prague Post

With as much as 40 percent of the U.S. population still attending weekly services, churches around the nation are not seeing a worrisome shortage of interest. In fact, it seems that most individuals are attempting to strengthen their connection with God slowly. Nevertheless, the question of whether attending a Sunday morning service is truly necessary…

Prophet Martin Kofi Danso | Crunchbase

Prophet Martin Kofi Danso most notable for his unique prophetic insight, healing ministry and apostolic leadership. Danso is appointed…

Prophet Kofi Danso on the Benefits of Different Types of Meditation – Spirit Web

In 2018, meditation has grown to become one of the most popular spiritual practices for millions of households around the world. Its simplicity accompanied by long-term benefits make it quite appealing to nearly everyone who wants to engage in an effective self-improvement activity. Moreover, the various styles of meditation that have been invented make it …

Exclusive Inspirery Interview Featuring Prophet Kofi Danso

For more than twenty years, the Prophet Kofi Danso Ministries has touched millions of lives and hearts. Prophet Kofi Danso and his wife, the Reverend Danso put the Kingdom Message in front of millions of lives all over the world. The strive to train future leaders in the church through the Kofi Danso Ministries.

Prophet Kofi Danso – For Busy Entrepreneurs

Prophet Kofi Danso is the founder of Miracle Arena for All Nations. In addition, he is a long-term minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As an avid traveler that visited countless countries, he works on spreading the message of love and hope.

Kofi Danso – Founder and General Overseer of Prophet Kofi Danso Ministries

The Apostolic Prophet Kofi Danso is best known for his gift of prophecy and healing. Located in Toronto, Canada, his ministry as a leader called by God to be a Prophet and Apostle in the Kingdom of God has driven him to spread the word worldwide.