prophet martin kofi danso writingBeing a Prophet naturally presents a multitude of challenges. However, one of the biggest challenges that Prophet Danso faces is reaching out to people. Aside from his ministry, he uses a multitude of methods to connect with people all over the world. He has successfully build a robust social media marketing team. With this team, he regularly posts on social media in an attempt to show the world the good work he’s done. In addition, Prophet Danso adamantly broadcasts his events on YouTube. In the digital age, having footage of his church events is one of the best ways to attract more supporters.

Aside from his digital media strategies, Prophet Danso also actively partakes the art of blog writing. In fact, he identifies reading and writing as crucial elements for success. A person’s likelihood to make something of himself is based heavily on that person’s ability to read and digest information. It also rests heavily on that person’s ability to convey important message to others. As a Prophet, Martin Kofi Dansi has written and published over 15 books. While these books are a more traditional way to connect with followers, he also uses an online blogging platform. This platform is called Medium.

Prophet Danso Medium Blogs

On Medium, content creators and writers from all over the world create their own profiles. Afterwards, these writers and bloggers can choose a topic of their liking and write about it. Topics can range anywhere from religion and spirituality, politics, gender issues, technology, business, finance, to a wide variety of others. On Medium, Prophet Kofi Danso has written a lot about the issue of a secular society. He stresses the importance of faith, religion, and spirituality and talks about the benefits of meditation and prayer.

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Tips on Adapting to New Cultures – Prophet Kofi Danso | Official Website

Moving from your traditional place of residence, especially a place where you grew up, to a new place or to a foreign country may be challenging. Different countries or even regions within certain countries usually have their own unique cultures.

Prophet Kofi Danso – Importance of Religion | Toronto, CA

Religion is an age-old practice that has been part and parcel of the human race since time immemorial. In the world today, there are four major religions practiced by over half the world’s population include Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Over the past few decades, the world has witnessed great changes in technological advancements and innovation.

Martin Kofi Danso on Community Involvement & Giving Back | Toronto, CA

Giving back to the community can be regarded as an act of kindness and gratitude to other people and the community in general. It is a way that a person can either donate his/her time or resources to charity to support those who are disadvantaged and in need of help.

Martin Kofi Danso – Church Involvement | Toronto, CA

Today, many Christians are increasingly getting less involved with the church due to various reasons. For many it may be the busy and typical lifestyle of today’s work environment. For others it may just be reluctance on their part or maybe just a lack of interest in going to the church.

The Power of Meditation According to Prophet Kofi Danso

Introduction The world has become so advanced with technology that people are in constant states of instant gratification. This is not a necessarily “good” state to be in because when the mind doesn’t get that instant gratification it begins to think negative and destructive thoughts.


The need to believe in something outside of ourselves, a “higher power”, is an idea that holds a lot of importance not just for an individual, but for society as a whole. Different cultures have tried to explain what this higher power is, and many have given it the name of God.

The Value of Giving Back to the Community

There are several factors when it comes to the benefits of giving back, many of which address our health and well-being. Because of this, more and more volunteers and good doers gain recognition on social media for their display of giving.

Why We Should Give Back Regularly

We are starting to see if more and more in the media and see it with our own eyes through social media. It is the art of giving back. It’s not something that is spoken about very often. Many are focused on the daily struggles occurring in life and not interested in giving back.