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Tips on Adapting to New Cultures

Moving from your traditional place of residence, especially a place where you were born and raised up in, to a new place or to a foreign country may be challenging. Different countries or even regions within certain countries usually have their own unique cultures. That said, emigrating from your home country to another country either in pursuit of education or employment is usually exciting. It can also be challenging in equal measure, though.

For most people, adapting to a new and different culture from their own presents them with a myriad of challenges. Prophet Dr. Martin Kofi Danso moved from Ghana to Canada, so he has lots of advice on how to adapt to a new culture.

Join In, advises Prophet Dr. Martin Kofi Danso

Even as you go to another place that has a culture that’s different from that of your native home, it is best to look forward to any future events or possibilities that may arise. This helps to make you better prepared to deal with them when they come to pass. They may be different, but that does not mean to say you cannot enjoy them. They can also present new opportunities in regard to meeting new people whether socially or professionally. Join in, and it can help you to feel at home in your new place.

Keep in Touch
If you are leaving your home country for another country, it is advisable to plan how you will keep in contact with the people who are close to you like family and friends. Make sure that you swap numbers and other contact details, and make sure that you put some time aside to keep in touch regularly. Prophet Kofi Danso knows it can be so difficult when missing people back home, but speaking with them often can help so much.

Keep Your Faith

According to Prophet Danso, You should expect new things when going to a new country or a place you haven’t been to before. The people there may dress differently, eat different kinds of food and do some other things quite different from your country. You should also expect the kind of worship in the country that you are going to be different from that of your own country.

As a religious person and a Christian believer, Prophet Martin Kofi Danso advices that you need to stay focused in your faith. Never should you let yourself be swayed from your Christian ways if you happen to go to a country that doesn’t profess Christianity. A good way to do this is usually praying to God every time before going to bed, when waking up in the morning and when going out.

How you cope with the differences that you will meet while in that foreign country will certainly determine how you blend in there. Perhaps you can try conforming to the community there by attending church together with friends you meet there. You can also follow the word of God from Christian television channels to help keep your faith. Some notable TV preachers like Prophet Kofi Danso will help take your faith to a whole new level.

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