About Prophet Kofi Danso

Widely recognized for unique and one of a kind prophetic gift, Prophet Kofi Danso is also the founder of Miracle Arena For All Nations. Together with Reverend Joanne Danso, they oversee a plethora of projects in this organization.

Miracle Arena For All Nations

Prophet Dr. Martin Kofi Danso, affectionately called “Papa”, travels all over the world. By doing this, his goal is to positively influence and empower millions of people globally. With the help of his religious and spiritual touch, he has guided many lost individuals and helped them find something to place their faith in. Kofi Danso is an author, a gospel artist, life coach, worshiper of God, and a businessman.

His desire to see people reconnect with God is the main driving force for his everyday ambition. He wishes for the presence of Jesus Christ to consume cities and nations of the world. Together with Reverand JoAnne Danso, whom he is married to, they have four children together.

Books Published by Prophet Kofi Danso

As a firm believer of spirituality and God, Prophet Kofi Danso cherishes the art of writing. Growing up in Ghana, he understood at an early age the importance and value of education. In fact, he used the education he received to get to where he is today. As a business owner and the Founder as well as General Overseer of Prophet Kofi Danso Ministries as well as Miracle Arena For All Nations, he believes that reading is one of the best ways to passively acquire new knowledge and learn important life lessons. In fact, he often spends his waking hours revisiting the bible, looking for possible ways to re-interpret the bible and learn something new.

As a writer and publisher, Prophet Martin Kofi Danso primarily publishes his written works on religious subjects. Below are some of the books that Kofi Danso had published over the years:


propher kofi danso spirit of jezbel
propher kofi danso the act of revival
propher kofi danso disaster concepts and issues
propher kofi danso adonijah must die
propher kofi danso the mantle honor
kingdom keys
prophecy a priceless possession
propher kofi danso taking the battle to the gate