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Importance of Religion in Modern Society

Religion is an age-old practice that has been part and parcel of the human race since time immemorial. In the world today, there are four major religions practiced by over half the world’s population include Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

Over the past few decades, the world has witnessed great changes in technological advancements and innovation. This has consequently presented people with more leverage to better explore and discover the very universe that they live in. The world now, perhaps due to more freedom and democracy, has witnessed a remarked rise in secularism.

Some pundits are beginning to question the relevance of religion to modern society. So, does religion still hold any importance in the modern society that we are living in today?

Irreligious Trends

There are various studies that claim that today, fewer and fewer people are continuing to believe in the ways of God. Many more who were formerly religious people are beginning to be less serious about the religions that they once adhered to strictly. The trend is really troubling modern-day spiritual leaders like Prophet Kofi Danso who continue to urge people to believe in God. The Prophet often outlines the benefits of going to church. There is an alarming trend especially in the highly developed countries where people are not following religious matters seriously.

This is one fact that is really not welcome to religious leaders like Prophet Kofi Danso. In fact, he is one of the religious leaders who keep reminding people to take religious matters seriously even in these modern times. The prophet teaches religion is still very important to our modern society just like it was to past societies.

Religion Gives Hope According to Prophet Kofi Danso

While religion might have lost the prestigious role it once had in past societies, there are still many more people who hold it dearly in their lives. For them, religion still offers answers to most of their burning questions in life. To them, God is their protector and the only just leader they can trust in. Religion also offers hope to the weak and meek in the society of today.

Modern-day religious leaders like Prophet Kofi Danso also preach the word of God, instilling hope in people even amidst the suffering that they may be experiencing in the world today. God is there for all of us. Knowing that God is there for us can help bring joy to the lives of millions of people across the world.

In addition to offering hope and comfort to believing people, religion also helps to guide believers according to the teachings of their doctrines. This helps to encourage people to give to those that are in need of help. This helps to relieve some suffering in the world, helping to make it a better place for all. Religion also provides community and a way for people to get together and help each other out if needed. This can be especially important in poorer communities that need to pull together to support each other. Such examples show that religion is still very important to have in modern society.

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